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FIU’s new school dedicated to engineering and computing education research and curricular transformation

The school offers two new degree programs: a bachelor of science in Interdisciplinary Engineering and a doctorate in Engineering and Computing Education. We are currently recruiting new faculty to join a college-wide community of engineering and computing education researchers, as well as an FIU-wide community of discipline-based education researchers.

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Upcoming Events

The Fall 2022 open house is an excellent opportunity to participate in academic and research sessions, chat with current graduate students and graduate admissions representatives, and learn about how the first engineering and computing education program at a minority-serving institution is meeting the critical needs facing engineering and computing education, especially in equity, diversity, and inclusion. 

This year’s open house will be held both in-person and virtually (Zoom), giving attendees the chance to meet with faculty, graduate students and learn more about all aspects of the program (e.g., admissions, curriculum, program requirements, community). Attendees will choose from various activities and meetings, allowing them to build their schedule around the areas that interest them the most.

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Are you ready to take the next step in pursuing your bachelor’s degree in Interdisciplinary Engineering?

Join us for an in-person information session where you can learn more about CEC’s most customizable bachelor’s degree.

Students who pursue this degree are exposed to the basics of science and engineering, while also developing their skills as leaders, systems thinkers, and engineering designers through engineering leadership and business courses as well as projects-based course sequences.

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