About Us

SUCCEED was formed in 2018, in conjunction with the STEM Transformation Institute, as the first engineering and computing education department at a minority-serving institution.

The school was created in alignment with the university’s vision to be a “leading urban public research university focused on student learning, innovation, and collaboration.”  Faculty within the school, along with students and staff, seek to connect research and innovation with student learning through collaboration with other members of the college and FIU as a whole. In particular, SUCCEED faculty research and promote evidence-based approaches that broaden participation and improve the educational success for all current and future engineering and computer science students at FIU and beyond.


To be an internationally-recognized leader in engineering and computing education research and design, enhancing the experiences of engineering and computing students from all backgrounds and at all levels.


To serve our diverse student population, engage with the engineering and computing industry, and support our international community of researchers:

  • We consider equity, diversity, and inclusion as core values and principles of our research, teaching, and community engagement work.
  • We develop our students as leaders, capable of collaborating across disciplines, following diverse career trajectories, and changing the way we think about and approach local, national, and global challenges.
  • We collaborate with the engineering and computing industry through research and curricular projects in K-12 and at the college level, preparing graduates to become leaders at global, regional, and local corporations.
  • We engage the engineering and computing education community through innovative research and the use of evidence-based approaches in our teaching. This work supports our faculty’s intellectual growth, develops future independent scholars and leaders, and improves the educational success of all current and future engineering and computer science students at FIU and beyond.


Equity. Diversity. Inclusion. Community and Collaboration. Leadership in Education and Research. Integrity. Innovation.