Engineers on Wheels (EOW)

Project Overview

The goal of the Florida International University Engineers on Wheels program is to visit South Florida K-12 schools to provide students with hands-on activities and engineering experiments, as well as expose them to career opportunities in STEM (science, technology, engineering and math).


Long-term, the FIU Engineers on Wheels program hopes to serve as a model for K-12 engineering outreach programs nation-wide. Although other similar programs exist in the US, FIU has a unique opportunity to make an impact among its peers. FIU has the advantage of boasting a large percentage of minority engineering students who may serve as role models for the next generation of students. FIU students and Faculty have a vested interest in the educational progress of the local community as many of them are products of that same local educational system. Engineers on Wheels also hopes to increase funding by submitting grant proposals for the EOW program, as well as by being included in college-wide grant proposals.