Audio for Inclusion: Uncovering Marginalized Student Narratives to Provide Insight to Faculty on the Known Unknowns of Inclusion

Project Overview

This novel qualitative research project brings the experiences of diverse engineering students directly to faculty through edited audio interviews. We will conduct interviews with a variety of minoritized identity engineering students nationwide, and create scripts to synthesize their experiences. Next, we will have FIU Theatre students read the scripts to re-record an anonymized audio version of the original student narrative. Using a Narrative Dissemination Survey we will test the audio resources with faculty nationwide to see the impact on their empathy and understanding. Faculty who listen to the audio has great potential to gain reflective awareness of the student experiences that can create more inclusive classrooms. The novel and scalable dissemination approach developed in this study will be sustained through the creation of a widely distributed podcast called Audio for Inclusion, hosted by the PIs. The final versions of edited audio files generated in this study will be incorporated into faculty development workshops at select universities and archived as resources on the ASEE Diversity Committee’s web and YouTube pages.

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